All of the products and programs from PREPARE/ENRICH are built on a strong research foundation. In addition, research evaluates the impact of the programs and seeks ways to improve their effectiveness and impact. Research is ongoing to discover new ideas and ways of improving marriage

VIII. Research with Ethnic and Cultural Groups

  • Validation of the Korean Premarital Inventory: K–PREPARE
    Kim, Nami (2009)
  • Discriminate Validity of Korean Version of ENRICH
    Park, Kim, Song and Lee (2009)
  • Hispanic & Caucasian Married Couple Types based on ENRICH
    Olson and Garrett (2006)
  • Five Types of African American Marriages based on ENRICH
    Allen and Olson (2001)
  • Cultural Adaptation of PREPARE with Japanese Premarital Couples
    Asai and Olson (2004)
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VI. National Surveys using PREPARE/ENRICH

  • Spiritual Beliefs and Marital Success: A National Survey
    Larson and Olson (2005)
  • Spouse Abuse and Marital Dynamics based on ENRICH: A National Survey
    Asai and Olson (2003)
  • National Survey on Marital Strengths
    Olson and Olson-Sigg (2000)
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V. Research Predicting Divorce and Marital Satisfaction

  • Predicting Marital Success based on Couple Types
    Fowers, Montel and Olson (1996)
  • Predicting Marital Satisfaction with PREPARE: A Replication Study
    Larsen and Olson (1989)
  • Predicting Marital Success with PREPARE: A Predictive Validity Study
    Fowers and Olson (1986)
  • ENRICH Marital Inventory: Discriminate Validity Study
    Fowers and Olson (1989)
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