II. Research on Effectiveness of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program

  • Validity and Reliability of PREPARE/ENRICH (Version 2000)
  • PREPARE Outcome Study
    Knutson & Olson (2003)
  • PREPARE/ENRICH and Couple Communication Program
    Olson & Miller (2007)

pdf-iconI. Validity and Reliability of PREPARE/ENRICH (Version 2000)
Chapter 8 from the Version 2000 Manual listing the validity and reliability of PREPARE/ENRICH (Version 2000).

pdf-iconII. PREPARE Outcome Study (Expanded Abstract)

pdf-iconComplete Study published in Marriage & Family Journal (2003)
Luke Knutson & David H. Olson
This study evaluated the effectiveness of the PREPARE Program (Version 2000) for couples receiving premarital counseling by professionals and clergy trained in the standard 1-day training workshop. There were 153 premarital couples in three groups: the PREPARE Program group (59 couples who received an average of four feedback sessions), the PREPARE No Feedback group (46 couples who received feedback after the post-test), and the Waiting List Control Group (48 couples who received PREPARE and feedback after the post-test).

Results found that only the PREPARE Program group significantly increased their couple satisfaction, while there was no change in the PREPARE No Feedback or the Waiting List Control groups. Couples in the PREPARE Program improved in 10 out of 13 relationship categories, while those in the PREPARE No Feedback group increased in 4 of the 13 categories.

Significant changes were made in the couple types only in the PREPARE Program group, demonstrating a significant impact on 90% of these couples. In the PREPARE Program group, the number of Vitalized couples (the most satisfied type) increased by 52% from pre to post-test. Over half (55%) of the three other couple types (Harmonious, Traditional, and Conflicted) increased one or more levels. For the highest risk couples, the Conflicted types, 83% moved to a more positive couple type.

Reference: Marriage & Family: A Christian Journal, 2003, Vol.6, No. 4, 529-546.

pdf-iconIII. PREPARE/ENRICH Program and Couple Communication (2007)
David H. Olson & Sherod Miller
This longitudinal study followed up on 25 married couples one to five years after marriage who had taken both the PREPARE/ENRICH and the Couple Communication programs before marriage. Overall, the results demonstrated the couples were very satisfied with both programs and also found the combination of two programs very valuable. The couples significantly improved their communication, conflict resolution skills and marital satisfaction. Couples reported they found it helpful to their marriage to coach other couples on communication skills.