I. Overview of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program (1999)

David H. Olson & Amy K. Olson-Sigg

pdf-iconOverview of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program (1999)
The choice to marry is one of the most important decisions in life, yet many people do not invest time and energy into preparing for their marital relationship. Couples typically spend more time preparing for their marriage ceremony than building skills to help them have a happy and lasting marriage.

Current statistics verify a divorce rate of over 50 % (Olson & DeFrain, 1997). A significant proportion of married couples experience serious marital conflict early in their relationship, as indicated by the high divorce rate early into marriage. In fact, the average length of marriage is only six years. Clearly, couples are not prepared to deal with the challenges of marriage.

Reference: Olson, D.H. & Olson-Sigg, A.K. (1999) PREPARE/ENRICH Program: Version 2000. In R. Berger and M. Hannah (Eds.) Handbook of Preventative Approach in Couple Therapy. (Pages 196-216). New York: Brunner/Mazel.