Pre-Adoption Version of PREPARE/ENRICH Customised

There is a growing number of social workers and adoption case workers who are integrating the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment into their pre-adoption interview process.

"It's the most objective form of information I have for my interviews. It saves me hours of interviewing time, and I like it because it's positive... I wouldn't do an adoption without one." - Social Worker, Adoption Case-Worker, WI

Goals of Using PREPARE/ENRICH with Adopting Couples

  • Identify Healthy Couples - While no relationship is perfect, it is important to place adopted children in homes with healthy role models and stable relationships. PREPARE/ENRICH provides a wealth of information on each individual, their relationship, and their background.
  • Prepare Couples - The pre-adoption content is specifically designed to identify unrealistic expectations about adoption and create opportunities for healthy dialogue as couples prepare to bring an adopted child into their family system.
  • Save Time - The PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory gathers, organizes, and analyzes a great deal of data in an efficient and proven manner. The average adult completes the inventory in approximately 30-45 minutes. Once both partners are finished, their facilitator can access their results immediately.
  • Gather Objective Information - The items and scales in the inventory are statistically valid and reliable. Percentage scores are based on comparisons with a norm group of over 50,000 couples. In other words, facilitators can trust the results they receive.
  • Identify Relationship Strengths and Issues - The inventory is often a very positive experience for couples as it is designed to identify relationship strengths. Since both partners answer the same questions independent of one another, the facilitator can also pick up on discrepancies or differences of opinion which might not emerge in a typical interview process.

Pre-Adoption Content

Modified adoption content is based on feedback and input from adoption consultants and adoption agency directors, reflecting important relationship issues specific to adoption. Two existing scales, Personal Stress and Commitment, were modified slightly to include adoption language. Additionally, three new scales were developed for couples preparing to adopt:

  • Adoption Considerations looks at a range of pre-adoptive issues that adoption specialists report as being important for couples to be aware of and discuss. It measures a couple's readiness and commitment to the adoption process.
  • Adoption Expectations measures how realistic and aware each individual is about and natural challenges faced by couples and families throughout the adoption process.
  • Adoptive Parenting measures agreement on issues related to adopting and parenting a child, while concurrently maintaining a vibrant couple relationship.

These pre-adoption scales are automatically included when a facilitator selects this option as they register a couple for administration. Every couple completing the pre-adoption version of PREPARE/ENRICH also receives the core relationship categories. Because of the diverse nature of adoptions, the pre-adoption version of PREPARE/ENRICH makes no assumption about the marital status of a couple, presenting content relevant for a committed couple considering adoption.

Getting Started

You must be certified in PREPARE/ENRICH to administer and interpret the inventory. If you are not already trained, click Become a FacilitatorBecome a Facilitator to find a 1-day workshop in your area.
Once trained, Contact UsContact Us to activate the option to select the Pre-Adoption Version in your facilitator account.