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Using the Couple and Family Maps

The Couple and Family Maps are powerful tools that provide couples a simple visual representation of how they each perceive their relationship on the dimensions of "closeness" and "flexibility".


Pre-Adoption Version of PREPARE/ENRICH Customised

There is a growing number of social workers and adoption case workers who are integrating the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment into their pre-adoption interview process.

"It's the most objective form of information I have for my interviews. It saves me hours of interviewing time, and I like it because it's positive... I wouldn't do an adoption without one." - Social Worker, Adoption Case-Worker, WI

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Tips for Managing Relationship Conflict

Having an argument does not mean that your relationship is in trouble. Disagreements and differences are an inevitable part of every relationship and what matters is how we discuss and solve disagreements.

The following four strategies from relationship guru John Gottman will help you break patterns of negativity and take a positive approach to solving problems:

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