Standard Feedback Materials

Taking the relationship assessment is just the first step in completing the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. Next, couples should meet with their certified facilitator for several interpretation and feedback sessions.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Couple's Workbook contains over twenty couple exercises designed to increase the knowledge and key skills proven to build stronger marriages. We suggest facilitators provide each individual with their own copy of the Couple's Workbook, and at a minimum, work through the six core exercises.

The Standard Feedback materials are accessible by clicking the links below. They are currently available in the following languages.




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All of the products and programs from PREPARE/ENRICH are built on a strong research foundation. In addition, research evaluates the impact of the programs and seeks ways to improve their effectiveness and impact. Research is ongoing to discover new ideas and ways of improving marriage.

PREPARE/ENRICH Research Articles

Read research studies demonstrating how our programs improve marriages. Click the link below to review these studies.
Read Research Articles

Marriage Mentor Studies

These studies demonstrate the power of marriage mentoring. The studies examine the various components of the program, including PREPARE and Empowering Couples Program.
Review the Marriage Mentor Studies


Articles for Couples

Read articles for couples.


Why Prepare/Enrich?

Because we're the global standard

With a solid research foundation and wide applicability of the assessment, P/E has found its home in the offices of professionals and lay leaders.

P/E adapts and reacts to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessment versions and resources. The reliability of the assessment and feedback guided by our Facilitators help couples strengthen and enrich their relationships.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"Helping Build Strong Marriages and Healthy Relationships."

Underlying Values and Strategies:

All programmes and resources are scientifically developed and researched.
We are committed to reaching the entire life-span: youth, premarital, married, and aging couples.
Our programmes and resources are designed to be proactive, practical, and skills-based.
We help individuals, couples, and families identify their strengths, as well as growth areas.
We seek to provide responsive, efficient, and helpful customer service.
We seek to create a positive work environment for our employees.

Key Features of PREPARE/ENRICH Products:

Cutting Edge Products: The books and programs are of the highest quality and reflect the most up-to-date research and development.
User Friendly Products: Both professionals and the couples they work with praise the ease of using these products.
Helps Build Relationship Skills: All of the resources are designed to help people develop their communication and conflict resolution skills.
Deal with Significant Issues: All of the books and programs deal with very relevant topics and issues for developing relationships.
Reflect Diversity in Culture: All the material is designed to be relevant and work with various ethnic groups, social classes and education levels.
Strengths are a major focus: The products help individuals, couples and professionals identify their strengths.
Assessment scales help to personalize materials: By taking quizzes, people get feedback about themselves and their relationship that is personalized to them.
Solid research foundation: All of the books and programmes are built on current research findings and ongoing in-house studies.
Ongoing product development and improvements: The products are continually being improved and updated.


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    Upcoming Training Days

* In Composite Training Days new and upgrade training will be offered together.

The 3 hour 9:00am - 12:00 noon session will be for existing users who are upgrading to the new version.

This will also introduce new users to the Customised Version online assessment and allow understanding and how to implement the online version.

The 1:00pm - 4:30pm session will cover how to do feedback, the use of the expanded Couple workbook and handling the Facilitator and couple reports available after each couple have completed the online questions.

The cost for training is:-
  • $75 per person for those upgrading from version 2000 - this includes refreshments, reimbursement of parking fees, the all new Resources Kit, DVD's, CD Manual, personal pre-training use of the assessment and a post training use for the first couple.
  • $175 per couple or $195 per couple for those training for the first time - This includes refreshments, reimbursement of parking fees, the all new Resource Kit, DVD's, CD Manual, personal pre-training use of the assessment and a post training use for the first couple.
Registration Options:-
  • download and complete this Registration Form and post back to us with your payment.
  • email us your registration details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • register on line at
  • call us on 0800 895 172 or 03 365 2121



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