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VI. National Surveys using PREPARE/ENRICH

  • Spiritual Beliefs and Marital Success: A National Survey
    Larson and Olson (2005)
  • Spouse Abuse and Marital Dynamics based on ENRICH: A National Survey
    Asai and Olson (2003)
  • National Survey on Marital Strengths
    Olson and Olson-Sigg (2000)

pdf-iconSpiritual Beliefs and Marital Success: A National Survey
Larson & Olson (2005)
A national sample of 24,671 married couples who took the ENRICH Inventory in the years 2000 and 2001 was investigated. The sample was split into three distinct groups based on their Positive Couple Agreement (PCA) scores, a measure of consensus, on the Spiritual Beliefs content scale of the ENRICH Inventory. An association between high spiritual agreement and the level of closeness a couple experienced was observed.

pdf-iconSpouse Abuse and Marital Dynamics based on ENRICH: A National Survey
Shuji G. Asai & David H. Olson (2003)
This study examined spouse abuse from the ecological perspective using the data from a national sample of 20,951 couples that took the ENRICH couple inventory. ENRICH assessed three ecological areas -contextual and socio-cultural factors; individual traits and behaviors; and couple interaction processes. Abusive individuals and couples showed significantly lower levels of relational functioning in all three ecological areas assessed by ENRICH.

pdf-iconNational Survey on Marital Strengths
David H. Olson & Amy K. Olson-Sigg (2000)
This National Survey is one of the first major studies on the strengths of marriage versus the exclusive focus on problems. Using a sample of 21,501 married couples who completed the ENRICH Inventory. The survey identified the Top Ten Strengths of Happy Marriages and discovered some new areas not found important in past studies. Using the top ten strengths, it is possible to discriminate between happy and unhappy marriages with 93% accuracy.


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